Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going Green!

Hello All!

Kermit the Frog used to say "It ain't easy being green."  Well, as a color, I suppose that is true.  But as a way of life, I think we can make is easy.  In the May 2009 Education Update issue, Willona Sloan discusses how schools and districts can turn their schools "green" on the smallest of budgets. This article defines what a green school is, the benefits of a green school, and simple tips to becoming a green school.  

Ms. Sloan does a great job describing the effects of a "sick" school building on student achievement and teacher performance.  I think many times we do not consider the physical element as part of the learning environment.  Going green and using "alternatives to toxic chemicals, pursuing green building and maintenance practices...and teaching students to be stewards of their community..." (page 6) can move schools forward to becoming environmentally friendly to our planet.

So my question to those who read this post is this, "What will you do differently at the start of the new school year that can have a positive impact on our planet?"  There are many green strategies that can be implemented.  It can be as simple as turning off lights when you leave a room to as complicated as building LEED schools.   

Have a great week!

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